Established and working in Norway providing consultation with legal services for individuals – Skatt, NAV. We will help you with the tax return, child benefits, preparation of CV for job search as well as preparation for the job interview. Also, we speak 6 languages and we can help you with oral and written translations to/from Norwegian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish and English. A long-term relationship is extremely important to us; thus, we are always there for you – during your hard times and joyful moments. In the last 7 years, Fenixera has collected experience, which helps to provide useful information and answer questions related to finances, job or just daily life in Norway.

We also help businesses and individuals who want to start the business in Norway – giving a consultation and providing help during the process – with documentation, translation and legalization. Also, with experience in different regions – Baltics and Scandinavia, we can help companies to start selling their goods and services outside their countries.

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