Platform made for business to business use only, where companies from Baltics (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland) are willing to sell their goods and services to companies in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark). This company is filling in the demand for imported goods in Norway and helping for customer and executor to communicate and deal with the details easier through their partner company, which knows both markets and languages without fault.

All companies that are visible on the EnterOn platform, are quality checked before and fulfils all the requirements. Thus, you can trust the sellers that you find here and easily establish long-term relations.

To make it easier, we will act as a mediator in this partnership – help you with communication, translation, representation, if needed. After you feel stable, any time you can start selling by yourself, but still always get our team advice.

It was never so easy to enter an unknown market for you and your company.

This work you can see here ->