EDV Nordic Consult

Fast growing construction company, which mainly works around Oslo, Norway. The company has professional workers who are not just able to work in the construction site, but to lead large projects by themselves. A wide range of construction types is one of the main features of the company‘s innovativeness. With big investment into human resources, EDV Nordic Consult became one of the fastest growing construction companies in Norway.

We are always following the market and the new trends in the construction business so we are able to ensure the highest quality service to the customers. We also pay big attention to project management and maintenance to make sure that everything goes perfectly from the very beginning and we would not have bigger problems in the future.

Besides that, we are also more than happy to share our experience with you, so we organize the consultation with other companies – Norwegian or foreign, to advise them how to raise the quality of their work and construction market in general.

We build the future together!

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